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Amstel in Tel Aviv*
A comedy in one act by Allyson Currin
*1997 Helen Hayes Award nominee, Outstanding New Play
2 women, unit set

Fen and Jessica meet at an all-girls’ high school and fast become best friends, whose closeness will surely last a lifetime. But can friendship persevere in the face of changing goals and different objectives? Most importantly, can either woman let go of the notion of what the other woman ought to be? Sample dialogue:

Mrs. Butterman in English class says every woman needs a goal and as responsible women we owe it to ourselves to articulate these goals.
We are supposed to write a paper about our goals.
Putting pen to paper about goals. Well. That…SCARES ME!
If I write it down, it will become real. And if it becomes real, then I will have to live up to it. But naturally if I try to live up to it, I will find out that I’m not smart enough or committed enough or lucky enough to achieve those goals. And, you see, then I will have to give up on those goals because they’re unattainable. But to keep myself from feeling like I’ve sold out, I will end up using some sort of rationalization, some sort of doublespeak that will make me feel better by allowing me to THINK that I am not giving up anything, when undoubtedly I am, you see?
So I will end up a bitter woman, who has spent her entire life convincing herself that she is NOT bitter, because to do so would be to admit defeat to the goals I very specifically outlined for myself as a junior in high school.
(Beat) I hate English class.

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