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Learning Curves
A comedy in two acts by Allyson Currin
2 men, 2 women, unit set

Emma has a problem – a secret affair with her department chair, a budding flirtation with a student and a dissertation on Taming of the Shrew that just won’t cooperate. But when Shakespeare’s Kate pops out of the text with unwanted advise about Emma’s love life, this comedy takes a side-splitting turn, and Emma nose-dives into the muddy and frightening world of true love. In this scene, the completely smitten student Jay confronts Emma for the first time:

… and that’s why I really wanted your feedback. I mean, you’re –
Here was my concept. A man. A young man. A man, say, roughly my age. He’s torn, see he doesn’t know where to turn. He feels – I dunno – lost. He’s not sure whether he’s bright, gifted. Brilliant even. Or a serial killer in the making.


That happens a lot with smart guys. They do weird stuff like play Necrofiend or DeathGrip IV and they watch too much t.v., see, and not even good t.v., but really bad t.v. And that warps their brains, see, because they spend too much time in front of Star Trek marathons when they should be out getting beer buddies and rushing a frat. Or fratting a rush. Or whatever it is you’re supposed to do with that Greek stuff.
I digress.
This super-intelligent guy is drifting in a sea of humanity. Kind of. And he has this fundamental desire to – I dunno – rise above the masses. Which are teeming all around him like some kind of soup of human…
But he doesn’t know how to distinguish himself – like, not a CLUE – so he makes this fatal flaw.
He has a fatal flaw. You taught us all about the fatal –


So he turns to this woman he sees as power, as establishment, as the epitome of soulfulness and spirit, too – see, she’s kind of a mix. And that’s his…
(Long pause) That’s kind of what I was going for.

But if you had to say in a nutshell what it was about –

It’s about – ummm – falling in love.

Falling in love.

Unless that’s trite!

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